VDB to Particles operator

The VDB to Particles operator can be used to convert VDB meshes into particles.

VDB to Particles Rollout

  • Mesh to Particle: converts any generated VDB meshes into a single particle.

  • Pack mesh with particles: packs any generated VDB meshes with particles.

  • Grid name: the name of the source SDF grid.

Sphere Packing Rollout

Sphere packing

  • Max particles: the maximum number of particles to pack the VDB mesh with.

  • Min/max radius: radial constraints applied to generated particles.

  • Samples: the number of samples to use in the packing algorithm. Higher values increase packing accuracy.

  • Allow overlap: when enabled, resulting particles are allowed to overlap. When disabled, no generated particles will overlap.

VDB tracking

  • Assign unique ID: when enabled, each iteration of the sphere packing algorithm will assign a unique ID to the resulting particles.

  • Channel: the name of the custom float data channel where the unique ID will be assigned.