Face Fracture operator

The Face Fracture operator allows you to fracture particle mesh faces.

Each fracture mesh will be turned into a new particle.

Operate On

  • Triangles: triangles will be treated as single faces.

  • Polygons: polygons (adjacent triangles that share a hidden edge) will be treated as single faces.

Max faces per fracture

  • Faces: the number of faces per fracture group.
Variation: the per-particle amount of variation to apply.

Face area constraints

  • Min/Max: the target min/max combined face area per fracture group.

  • Variation %: the per-particle percentage of variation to apply.

Fracture meshes

  • Center Pivots: moves the fractured shape mesh particle offset to its center.


  • Seed: the seed value for all varied parameters.

  • Seed by time: the seed value will be incremented with the current time in ticks.