tySlice Modifier

The tySlice modifier is an optimized alternative to 3ds Max’s built-in Slice modifier, that has options for capping slice holes, multi-object slice plane input, etc.

Slice Operation Rollout

Slice operation

  • Split: the input mesh will be split in half along the slice plane(s).

  • Refine: the input mesh will be split along each refinement slice plane.

  • Remove top: the input mesh will be split along the slice plane(s) and any vertices above the slice plane will be removed.

  • Remove bottom: the input mesh will be split along the slice plane(s) and any vertices below the slice plane will be removed.

  • Recursive Subdivide: the input mesh will be recursively split vertically, and then either side of the vertical split will be split horizontally.

Slice Plane Rollout

Slice Plane

  • Gizmo: the slice will be controlled by the modifier’s sub-object gizmo.

  • Object: the slices will be controlled by the z-axis of input object transforms.

  • Object list: the list of input objects to use as slice planes.

Refine Rollout

  • Slices: the number of refinement slices.

  • Spread: the distance between refinement slices.

  • Above/Below: controls whether refinement slices will be created above/below the original slice plane(s).

  • Weld seams: controls whether the edges between refinement slices will be welded.

Slices Rollout


  • Cap holes: controls whether slices will be capped with new faces.
  • Override cap MatID: controls whether cap faces will be given a material ID override.

  • ID: the cap face material ID value.

  • Generate cap UVs: controls whether UVW coordinates will be generated on new cap faces.

  • Normalize: controls whether cap UVW coordinates will be normalized.

  • Size: the size of the cap face UVW coordinates.

  • Select cap faces: controls whether new cap faces will be flagged for selection.


  • Optimize slice borders: controls whether slice borders will be optimized, removing things like extraneous vertices along parallel edges.

Recursive Subdivide Rollout

Recursive Subdivide

  • Iterations: the number of recusive subdivision iterations to perform.

  • Seed: the random seed for the operation.

Vertical/Horizontal Slice

  • X/Y offset: the offset, from the center of the bounding box of the mesh element, to shift the slice plane.

  • Time offset: the temporal offset to apply to keyframes on the X/Y offset spinner, at each level of the recursive algorithm.

  • Random flip: the slice plane offset will be randomly flipped during each slice operation. So, for example, a positive offset may be converted into a negative offset for a particular slice operation.