tyVertexChamfer Modifier

The tyVertexChamfer modifier can be used to chamfer vertices. Unlike 3ds Max’s built-in Chamfer modifier, the tyVertexChamfer modifier can maintain the connections between faces attached to the pinched vertices (vertices connected to three or more open edges).

The tyVertexChamfer modifier is most useful when placed on top of tearing cloth simulations, where the probability of pinched vertices in the resulting mesh is high. If you apply a Meshsmooth/Turbosmooth to a mesh with pinched vertices without first chamfering the pinched vertices, the faces attached to the pinched vertices will disconnect and mesh elements will appear to float/detach. This modifier solves that problem by ensuring the faces remain attached. If this example matches your intended use-case, remember that you can use a tySelect modifier to select the pinched vertices you want to chamfer, using its “pinched vertices” selection mode.

If Autodesk modifies their built-in Chamfer modifier so that chamfering pinched vertices does not result in lost connections between attached faces, this modifier will be deprecated.

Vertex Chamfer

  • Amount: the amount of chamfer to apply to vertices.

The Vertex Chamfer modifier respects vertex selections in the modifier stack, and will only chamfer selected vertices.