Position Displace operator

The Position Displace operator allows you to move particles along object surface normals relative to the values of a texmap.

Displace Source Objects

  • Objects: the UVW coordinates of the object in this list nearest to a given particle will be used to sample the selected texmap values.


  • Sample: controls which surface sampler will be used for UVW coordinate retrieval.


  • Texmap: the texmap to sample colors from.


  • Center: when enabled, this allows you to set the base “water level” of the displacement. Texture values above this threshold will result in positive displacement, and texture values below this threadhold will result in negative displacement.

  • Amount: the amount to displace a particle along the nearest surface normal, multiplied by the texture value.

  • Variation %: the per-particle percentage of variation to apply.


  • Seed: the seed value for all varied parameters.