Terrain Display operator

The Terrain Display operator can be used to display terrain grids in the viewport.

  • Grid names: terrain grids with matching names will be displayed.

  • Color channel: controls which color channel of the terrain grids to display on their meshes.


  • Unlit: when enabled, terrain grid colors will be displayed at 100% self-illumination (with no additional shading).

  • Self-illumination%: controls how much self-illumination to apply to lit terrain grids.

  • Specular amount/power: controls how much specular effect to apply to lit terrain grids.


  • Downstream/focused event display: when enabled, terrain grids in the event containing the Terrain Display operator will only be displayed if the event is selected, or the event is the last event in a flow extending from a Birth Terrain operator. When disabled, the Terrain Display operator will always display all terrain grids in the event.

By keeping “downstream/focused event display” enabled, you can quickly switch between displaying the results of different events in the viewport without having to manually toggle Terrain Display operators. For example, if you initialize a terrain in Event A and make changes to the terrain by copying it out to Event B, by selecting Event A you’ll only see the result of Event A’s operators in the view…and then by selecting Event B you’ll only see the result of Event B’s operators in the view. And then if you deselect all events you’ll then only see Event B’s result in the view (because it’s downstream from Event A).

  • Show terrain info: when enabled, terrain info (name, resolution, etc) will be displayed in the viewport at the center of each terrain grid.

  • Improve viewport shadow quality: when enabled, viewport shadow maps will be forcibly overridden to 4k resolution, making all viewport shadows appear more crisp.