FAQ: Miscellaneous

•  My virus scanner (usually Windows Defender) is reporting that the tyFlow download ZIP file contains a trojan!

Several users have reported that their virus scanner flagged the tyFlow download package (tyFlow_XXXXX.zip). The virus report usually states that the file contains a trojan with a name like “CryptInject.A!ml” or “ForeType.A!ml” or “Conteban.A!ml”. These are false-positive results which can safely be ignored. Not all versions of Windows, or all versions of Windows Defender will flag the files, and unfortunately I have no way of knowing why the false-positives are being “detected” on certain machines, or how to prevent them. They are simply the result of the virus scanner mistakenly reporting the existence of a virus due to it employing an over-zealous virus detection heuristic. If you google the names of the alleged trojans (“CryptInject”, “ForeType”, etc), you’ll see they are commonly mis-identified in other harmless software as well.

If you are worried about the contents of a file you downloaded, a good practice is to upload the file to VirusTotal and have it scan the file. VirusTotal is an online aggregate virus scanner which passes files through 50+ popular virus scanners. If you run the aggregate scan on the tyFlow download package, you’ll see that it is clean. Please also ensure that your virus scanner definitions are up to date.

•  Why does the MAXScript Listener report “State Sets Error: Anchor couldn’t be created!” after loading 3ds Max, when tyFlow is installed?

For some reason an internal 3ds Max process reports this error when tyFlow is present. Since the message is not reported by tyFlow itself, the exact source of the message is unknown.

•  When tyFlow is installed, I get an error message popup while 3ds Max is loading that says “The assembly ‘Autodesk.Max.Wrappers.dll’ encountered an error while loading. It is possible that this error put the application in a bad state … Full Error: System.IO.FileNotFoundException …”

This large error message popup can appear on machines that do not have the 3ds Max root directory added to the system PATH environment variable, for whatever reason. Adding the 3ds Max root directory to the system PATH environment variable manually should suppress the error.