tyParticleController Controller

The tyParticleController transform controller is a controller that can be assigned to any object’s transform, in order to bind that object to a particular particle of a particular flow. This allows you to drive an object’s motion directly, using particles.

Particle Controller

  • tyFlow Object: choose the tyFlow object whose particles will be used to drive the controller.

  • Particle ID: choose the particle ID from the flow whose transform will by read by this controller, driving its motion.

  • Index is ID: each particle’s index in the system will be used as its ID

Sometimes the saved IDs of particles will not be intuitive. Enabling the Index is ID option will use the particle’s index in the system as its ID, rather than its saved ID. For example, in a system with 2 particles whose saved IDs are 9238 and 3293, “Index is ID” will change their IDs to 0 and 1.