Birth Terrain operator

The Birth Terrain operator allows you to instantiate a new terrain grid in a flow.


  • Initialize by name: this mode will instantiate a new terrain grid with a specified name.

  • Initialize from flow: this mode will instantiate a new terrain grid by copying terrain grids with matching names from a specified flow at a specified reference frame.

Initialize terrain

  • Grid names: the list of names to use for new terrain grids. If multiple names are listed, multiple terrain grids will be instantiated.

  • Color channel: the name of the base color channel for the instantiated terrain grids.

  • Resolution: the resolution of the new terrain grids. This number represents the cell dimensions for the length and width of the terrain grid. Larger values will produce terrain grids with more detail.

  • Render override: when enabled, the specified render resolution will take effect at rendertime.

  • Frame: the frame on which to instantiated the new terrain grid.

  • Scale: the scale of the new terrain grid, in scene units.

  • Initial height: the initial height value for all cells in the new terrain grid.

  • Transform grid with object: when enabled, the new terrain grid’s transform will match the transform of the specified scene object.
Transform offset
  • X/Y/Z: adjusting these values allows you to offset the new terrain grid’s position in the scene.