Terrain Scatter operator

The Terrain Scatter operator can be used to scatter particles over a terrain grid.

In order for the Terrain Scatter operator to generate particles, it must be connected to a non-terrain event (a regular particle event). All particles generated will be sent to that event.

Terrain Scatter

  • Grid names: terrain grids with matching names will have particles scattered on them.

  • Density: controls the total number of particles that will be scattered over the surface of the terrain.

  • Align %: controls how much to align particles to the normal vector of the terrain at the scatter location.

  • Interpolation cull: when enabled, particles will be culled in accordance with the operator’s interpolation settings.

Custom Properties

  • Save color values: when enabled, terrain grid color values will be saved to particle custom property channels (either float channels, vector channels, or both). The names of the resulting custom property channels will match the names of the source terrain grid color channels.

  • Save interpolation value: when enabled, interpolation values of the operator at each scatter location will be saved to the specified custom float channel of each generated particle.


  • Color UVWs: when enabled, color values of the specified color channel will be saved to the specified mapping channel of generated particles.

  • Mapping UVWs: when enabled, UVW values (0-1, relative to the location of the particle on the terrain grid) will be saved to the specified mapping channel of generated particles.


  • Seed: the seed value for all varied parameters.