VDB Mesh operator

The VDB Mesh operator can be used to convert VDB grids into a mesh.


  • Grid type: controls which VDB grid will be input into the mesh conversion algorithm.

  • SDF/Density/UVW grid name: the names of the source VDB grids.

Mesh extraction

  • Iso value: controls the iso value for density grid conversion. Higher values bias the surface level towards higher densities.

  • Flip normals: flips the normals of the resulting mesh.

  • Adaptive: controls whether planar areas of generated meshes will undergo polygon reduction.

  • Material ID: the material ID value to assign to generated mesh faces.

  • Threshold: the adaptivity threshold used to control the level of mesh adaptivity. Higher values cause meshes to undergo greater polygon reduction.

When adaptive mode is enabled, resulting meshes will contain triangle (non-quad) faces. When adaptive mode is off, meshes will be composed entirely of quads.


  • Resample voxel size: when enabled, the input grid will be resampled to the specified voxel size prior to mesh conversion.


  • Map channel: when enabled, any existing UVW grids will be applied to the resulting mesh’s specified map channel.


  • Show in viewport: controls whether the resulting mesh will be displayed in the viewport.


  • Enable mesh rendering: controls whether the resulting mesh will be renderable.