tyBind Helper

The tyBind helper can be used to specify PhysX Bind relationships between actor objects imported into a flow using an Actor operator.

tyBind helpers are useful in situations where you wish to maximize control over the way PhysX Binds between two particles will operate. For example, if you want to rig a particle-based vehicle, you can use tyBind helpers to define exactly how each tire is connected to the chasis of the vehicle, which axis of each wheel bind may rotate, etc. Similarly, they can be used to define rotation limits on joints for a ragdoll character…or any other situation where you want full, manual control over PhysX bind movement properties.

Actor operators can be used to import tyActor helper data. The tyBind helper should be added to the appropriate tyActor helper object list in order to be properly imported into a flow.

By default, tyBind helpers create rigid PhysX binds between particles in a relevant tyActor setup. By adding a tyBindSettings modifier to the tyBind object, you can control the settings of the PhysX bindings. In order to easily change the settings of more than one tyBind helper at a time, simply instance the tyBindSettings modifier between all of the helpers whose settings you would like to keep identical.

Bind Objects

  • Object A/B: these controls specify which two members of the tyActor object list will be bound together with a PhysX Bind.


  • Show icon: controls whether the helper’s icon will be draw in the viewport.

  • Show connections: controls whether a line between object A and B will be drawn in the viewport.