Export Terrain operator

The Export Terrain operator can be used to export terrain maps to disk.

Export grids

  • Grid names: terrain grids with matching names will be exported.

Base export file name

  • Filename: this is the base filename used to export terrain maps. It will be used as the export filename prefix. The type of maps being exported will be used as the filename suffix (ex: basename: c:\terrain.png, map: color, resulting filename: c:\terrain_color.png).

Frame range

  • Start/end: the range of frames to export as individual terrain map files.

Terrain maps

  • Height map: a grayscale map containing all height values for the terrain grids.

  • Normalize: when enabled, the height map will be normalized - all height values will be remapped to a 0-1 range.

  • Normal map: a colored map containing surface normal information for the terrain.

  • Flip/Swap R/B: allows you to control whether certain color channels of the normal map will be flipped/swapped, which may be required for compatibility with certain renderers.

  • Color maps: colored maps containing RGB values assigned to the terrain grids as either color data or mask data.

  • Gamma correction: when enabled, the resulting RGB values will be gamma corrected.


  • Resize grids: when enabled, terrain grids will be resized to the specified resolution during export.


  • Resample maps: when enabled, exported maps will be resampled to the specified resolution after export.

  • Enable TEST mode (print filenames): when enabled, no data will be written to disk during export - output filenames will simply be printed in the MAXScript Listener. This allows you to confirm whether your output filenames are correct (given your base export file name, and any export filename symbols it may be using), prior to actually exporting any data.