tyRetimeController Controller

The tyRetimeController transform controller is a controller that allows you to retime the transform animation of another object. It works by taking an object as input, then outputting the transform of that object at the specified frame or speed.

Here is an example use case: you have a fast-moving object that you want to augment with some kind of particle effect (ex: raindrops on the windshield of a car). Simulating the effect on the fast moving object will be problematic, and other non-procedural workarounds will be troublesome as well (ex: deleting movement keyframes while simulating, or linking/unlinking the car geometry to the fast-moving parent while simulating, etc). Instead, by using the tyRetimeController, you can procedurally slow or freeze the input animation while simulating, then easily restore the animation afterwards without manually changing any part of a rig’s hierarchy or keyframes.

Retime Controller

  • Reference object: the object whose transform animation will be used as input.


  • Enable retimer: controls whether transform playback will be controlled by the retimer.

  • Retime mode: controls whether the retimer affects playback frame or speed.

By frame
  • Frame: the retimer frame value that controls simulation playback. Animate this value to control the current playback frame.
By speed
  • Speed %: the percent value that controls simulation playback speed.

  • Ref Frame: the reference frame that the speed multiplier will be relative to.

Setting a proper reference frame is important for the speed multiplier. The reference frame should typically be the start frame of your playback sequence, not necessarily the start frame of the simulation.

The equation for the speed retimer is:

playbackFrame = [referenceFrame + abs(time - referenceFrame) * speed * sign(time - referenceFrame)].

Position/Rotation/Scale retimer influence

  • X/Y/Z: the amount each axis of each transform component will be interpolated from the transform of the target object at the current time towards the retimed result.