FAQ: tyFlow Beta Version

•  What is the tyFlow Beta version?

The Beta version of tyFlow was a free version of tyFlow released prior to the first official tyFlow PRO release. It had no limitations and its purpose was to crowd-source the testing of tyFlow’s various features. The first public Beta version was released on April 1, 2019.

•  Can I use the Beta version in a commerical project?

The Beta version was free to use in both commercial and non-commercial projects. It had no limitations.

•  Can I continue to use the Beta version after the release of tyFlow PRO?

The Beta version had no limitations. You may continue to use it for free, forever.

•  Once the tyFlow Beta is complete, will new features be added to tyFlow? Or is development finished?

The end of the Beta did not mark the end of tyFlow development. It merely marked the end of the initial trial phase used to test tyFlow in many different production environments, with many different renderers, etc, in order to ensure its reliability and stability. Development will continue after the Beta in the same way it did before - with frequent new features and bug-fixes released on a regular basis. tyFlow is an iterative and continually evolving project which aims to bring a complete procedural workflow/simulation suite to 3ds Max. There is no planned “end” or “completion” of its development.

•  I want to download a past Beta version of tyFlow. Where can I find it?

All previous tyFlow Beta versions can be downloaded using the following URL pattern: https://www.tyflow.com/beta/Download.php?version=tyFlow_XXXXXX, where ‘XXXXXX’ is the 6-digit tyFlow version code (ex: 016100 for version 0.16100). Please see the tyFlow version history for the list of past version numbers. Some very old versions may not be available for download. The last tyFlow BETA version released can be found here: https://www.tyflow.com/beta/Download.php?version=tyFlow_016135. There is a known regression in that last build which may prevent tyCaches from loading deforming meshes. If that regression affects you, you can alternatively download the build before that one here: https://www.tyflow.com/beta/Download.php?version=tyFlow_016134.

The old CUDA 10.2 DLLs (compatible with tyFlow BETA v0.16109 and below) can be downloaded here: https://www.tyflow.com/CUDA/_old_c10/tyFlow_CUDA.zip

If you are wanting to revert due to a regression you’ve discovered in a more recent build, please also report the regression so it can be fixed in the future.

•  The Beta version I’m using is not supported by 3ds Max 20XX, can you re-compile it for 3ds Max 20XX?

Now that the public Beta is over, past Beta versions will no longer be updated. Since each new release of 3ds Max usually breaks the 3ds Max SDK (requiring old plugins to be re-compiled), this means that old Beta versions may not work with new versions of 3ds Max.