Fracture paint Rollout

The Fracture paint rollout contains parameters for the “fracture paint” fracture mode.

  • Canvas orientation: controls whether a view-aligned plane will be used for painting, or an axis-aligned plane.

Stroke segments

  • Min length: when enabled, stroke segments will be reduced so that the minimum length of any given segment is no less than the specified value.

Stroke meshes

  • Iterations: when set to a value greater than 1, the stroke meshes will be duplicated N times (where N is the number of iterations greater than 1), and each iteration of stroke meshes will be assigned a different set of per-vertex noise values, offset by the specified phase variation values.

Stroke mesh offset

  • Amount: controls how much to offset stroke meshes generated after the first iteration (ie, iteration 2 and above, unless symmetrical mode enabled - see below), along their vertex normals.

  • Symmetrical: when enabled, all stroke iterations will be divided into two groups, and each group will be offset in the opposite direction of the other. So if your iteration count is 2 and your offset amount if 1, one stroke mesh will be offset by 0.5 units along its surface normals, and the other by -0.5 units along its surface normals.

  • Noise phase variation: phase variation applied to any extra iterations of stroke meshes that are generated, based on the iterations parameter.