Terrain Transform operator

The Terrain Transform operator can be used to move, scale and rotate terrain grids.

Many terrain operators are sensitive to terrain scale - changing the scale of a terrain can affect the result of their output. By placing a Terrain Transform operator at the end of your terrain flow, you can scale terrain grids as a post-process, thereby avoiding any unintended side-effects of scaling terrain grids prior to the addition of other terrain modifications (ex: terrain FX).

  • Grid names: terrain grids with matching names will be transformed.


  • Transform grid with object: when enabled, terrain grids transforms will be modified to match the specified scene object’s transform.


  • Offset X/Y/Z: allows you to offset terrain grid positions using the specified per-axis values.


  • Absolute: terrain grids will have their transform scale set to the specified value.

  • Multiplier %: terrain grids will be scaled by the specified multiplier value.

  • Affect position: when enabled, terrain grid positions in world-space will be scaled as well.