Element Attach operator

The Element Attach operator allows you to combine neighboring particle meshes together.

After a successful attach operation between particles is completed, only the resulting particle (with the newly combined shape mesh) will remain – the rest will be deleted.


  • Max/element: controls the maximum number of neighbor particles that can be attached to a particle.

  • Variation %: the per-particle percentage of variation to apply.
  • Max dist: the maximum distance between two particles in order for them to be attach candidates.

  • Iterations: the number of overall attach iterations to perform. This will recursively attach groups of neighboring particles together.

  • Overlapping only: controls whether convex hulls of particles will be computed, in order to determine if particles physically overlap. Only overlapping particles will be attached to each other.

  • New only: when enabled, only particles that are new in the event will be attach candidates.

  • Parallel only: when enabled, only particles that are parallel to each other in space will be attached.

  • Matching MatID only: when enabled, only particles with matching material IDs will be attach candidates for each other.

  • Center pivots: moves each combine mesh’s particle offset to its center.

  • Weld edges: when enabled, the edge vertices of combined meshes will be welded.

  • Weld threshold: the maximum distance between edge vertices of combined meshes, in order for them to be welded together.

Simulation Groups

  • Simulation groups: controls which particle simulation groups will be candidates for attach.


  • Enable clustering: controls whether attach candidates will be determined by cluster values.

  • Channel: the particle data channel to get cluster values from.

  • Cluster if equal: attach candidates must have equal cluster values.

  • Cluster if equal: attach candidates must have unequal cluster values.


  • Draw attachments: draws a viewport line between successfully attached particles.


  • Seed: the seed value for all varied parameters.