Convex Hull operator

The Convex Hull operator allows you to convert particle shape meshes into convex hulls.


  • Quickhull: convert each particle shape mesh into a single hull which encompasses all of the vertices of the original mesh.

  • V-HACD: decomposes particle shape meshes into convex parts, each of which encompasses a convex subset of vertices of the original mesh.

The “V-HACD” method of hull decomposition was the method used by the old “Convex Fracture” operator, before Quickhull functionality was added and the operator was renamed to “Convex Hull”.


  • Inflate: the amount to inflate resulting convex hulls by pushing the hull vertices along their normals.


  • Voxel resolution: the resolution setting used to compute the resulting convex hulls.

  • Max verts/hull: controls the maximum number of vertices each resulting hull can have.

  • Min volume/hull: hulls with a volume below this value will be discarded.

  • Max hulls: the maximum number of total hulls returned by the algorithm.

  • Center pivots: moves each hull’s particle offset to its center.