VDB Split operator

The VDB Split operator can be used to separate a single, segmented SDF grid into multiple disconnected SDF grids.

A segmented SDF grid is an SDF grid with multiple disconnected parts (for example: imagine two separated objects converted into an SDF - with an appropriate voxel resolution, the SDF will retain the gap between the source objects, and the grid cells representing the separated regions will not be connected to each other). The VDB Split operator can identify separated regions and split them out into separate SDF grids.

Split SDF Grid

  • Input grid name: the name of the SDF grid to split.

  • Output grid name prefix: the prefix assigned to resulting grids of the split operation. The suffix of each grid’s name will be the zero-based number of its order in the list of resulting grids (ex: a prefix value of “sdf_” for an input grid with two disconnected parts will output grids named “sdf_0” and “sdf_1”).