tySplineCache Modifier

The tySplineCache modifier extracts spline cache data loaded into a tyCache object, and converts it into editable splines.

Spline data exported from an Export Particles operator is stored in a mesh-based format. This modifier, when placed on a tyCache object that contains that data, will convert it into a format that 3ds Max can recognize as traditional, editable splines.


  • Linear/Smooth: the type of interpolation to apply to spline knots.

  • Steps: the number of interpolation steps to apply to splines.

  • Optimize: controls whether or not the step count will be optimized depending on the spline curvature.


  • Enable: enables spline relaxation, which applies a Laplacian smoothing filter to spline knot positions.

  • Amount: the amount to interpolate each spline knot position to the centerpoint of its neighbors.

  • Iterations: the number of relaxation iterations to apply.