tyRateOfChange Controller

The tyRateOfChange float controller is a controller that can be assigned to any animatable float value. Its purpose is to provide an easy and procedural way to assign keyless linear animation to a float.

If you’ve ever wanted a particular float value to change steadily over time (ex: Noise texmap phase parameter) without having to worry about setting keyframes on it, the tyRateOfChange controller is an easy way to do it.

  • Rate of change: the rate at which the float value will change over time. Can be animated.

  • Ref. frame: the reference frame from which changes will begin to occur.

  • Value offset: an overall offset that will be applied to the resulting float value.

  • Per frame/second: the unit of time in which the rate of change will be calculated.

  • Clamp value: controls whether the final value will be clamped within a min/max range.

  • Min/max: the min/max range in which the final value will be clamped.