If you have an idea for a new tyFlow feature, or have an idea about how an existing tyFlow feature can be improved, don’t hesitate to email me at with your request.

Features that are not on the current development roadmap

Some features would be great to add to tyFlow. Other features can already be found in alternative software packages, so adding them to tyFlow could be a wasted effort. Here are some things I have no current plans to develop:

  • Fluid simulations: Some fluid-like behaviors can be achieved with various tyFlow operators, but I have no plans on adding a dedicated fluid solver at this point.

  • Point renderer: Krakatoa and VRay are advanced plugins with decades of development behind them, which already support the direct rendering of point clouds. I have no current plans to write my own particle renderer for tyFlow.

  • tyFlow for Maya/C4D/etc: As it stands, tyFlow will remain an exclusive plugin for 3ds Max.