tyFlow PRO

tyFlow PRO is the fully-featured version of tyFlow that requires a license to use. It is not subject to the same limitations as tyFlow FREE.

A tyFlow PRO license can be purchased from pro.tyflow.com. If you’ve already purchased a license, you can view your license keys by visiting the tyFlow PRO homepage and clicking ‘My Account’ -> [login] -> ‘License Keys’. The tyFlow PRO EULA also contains more tyFlow PRO license details.

Floating vs Node-locked licenses

A node-locked tyFlow PRO license is a license that can be activated by tyFlow within 3ds Max. Once activated, it will be locked to that machine and must be manually migrated in order to be used on another machine. In other words, a fair amount of coordination and manual input is required in order for more than one machine to utilize a single tyFlow PRO node-locked license. It is ideal for users with single-machine setups.

A floating tyFlow PRO license is a license that can be activated by a tyFlow License Server. Once activated, the tyFlow License Server can provide connected machines with copies of the tyFlow PRO license, on-demand. Contrary to a node-locked license setup, a floating license used by a tyFlow License Server allows for the easy and automatic migration of licenses between connected machines (with the number of seats purchased corresponding to the number of licenses which can be simultaneously shared between machines). It is ideal for studios or multi-machine setups.

To get more information about both of these license types, click the corresponding menu items on the left.

License Validity

A tyFlow PRO license is perpetual, meaning that it never expires for applicable version(s) of tyFlow (determined by your purchase date and maintenance period - please see the tyFlow PRO EULA for more information).

Changing hardware/OS

A tyFlow PRO license is sensitive to hardware and operating system changes on a machine. If you plan to change your hardware or operating system, it is a good idea to first deactivate your tyFlow PRO license before making the changes, and then reactivate the license after the changes are complete. If you forget to deactivate/reactivate your license when making hardware or operating system changes, the license will automatically try to repair itself afterwards. However, if enough changes are made to the system, the automatic license repair procedure may fail. In such a case you will need to contact support for further assistance.


Receiving your license

If you’ve purchased a tyFlow PRO license and haven’t received your license key(s) by email within a couple of minutes, don’t forget to check your email’s spam folder, in case the purchase confirmation was accidentally filtered as spam. If you still can’t find your confirmation email, please contact support@tyflow.com for further assistance.

Activating your license

Here are some things to consider if you’re having trouble activating a license:

  • tyFlow requires access to C:\ProgramData (not to be confused with C:\Program Files) in order to read/write license data. Make sure access to that folder is not block by Windows user privileges.

  • tyFlow must communicate with an online tyFlow license server in order to activate a license. Communication may occur over ports 80 and 443. Make sure no firewall rules are blocking tyFlow’s access to those ports.

  • The tyFlow License Server (used for floating licenses) must communicate with machines in order to provide tyFlow PRO license seats on demand. The default communication port is 5005 (although this can be changed by the user). Make sure no firewall rules are blocking the tyFlow License Server’s access to that port when using floating licenses.

  • Make sure your machine can resolve the address: https://pro.tyflow.com. If a VPN or custom DNS cannot resolve tyFlow PRO’s website URL, you may not be able to activate tyFlow PRO. Check the configuration of your VPN or DNS to ensure that the tyFlow PRO website URL can be resolved.

  • Make sure tyFlow can make use of your full internet bandwidth during activation. If you have a slow internet connection and are running other applications which maximize their usage of your internet bandwidth, the probability that tyFlow will timeout while connecting to the online tyFlow PRO license server increases. If you experience timeout errors while trying to activate tyFlow PRO, pause the downloads, streams or connections of other running applications and try again.

  • Make sure you are activating tyFlow PRO from a reliable internet connection. If you have an internet connection that regularly drops packets or experiences timeout errors (for example: an unreliable WIFI connection), you may not be able to activate tyFlow PRO. The tyFlow PRO activation process involves multi-step communication with the tyFlow PRO license server. If your internet connection drops during the activation process, it will likely fail. Make sure you are activating tyFlow PRO from a reliable internet connection that won’t drop during the activation process.

If you continue to experience tyFlow PRO license activation issues after trying the solutions outlined above, please contact support@tyflow.com for further assistance.