tyFlow PRO node-locked license

A tyFlow PRO node-locked license is a license which can be activated within 3ds Max to unlock all tyFlow PRO features on a particular machine. They are locked to the machine on which they are activated, and can only be shared between machines through a manual migration process.

Activating and deactivating a tyFlow PRO node-locked license

Activating and deactivating a tyFlow PRO node-locked license requires an internet connection at the initial time of activation/deactivation. After first activation, no further internet access is required in order to keep the same license activated on a machine.

Once you purchase a tyFlow PRO license, you will receive your license key by email within a few minutes. Once you receive your key, you can activate tyFlow PRO on your machine by opening 3ds Max, creating a tyFlow object, and entering your license key in the tyFlow object’s “License” rollout. You can deactivate a license in the same way.

The tyFlow “License” rollout has options for setting up a proxy server, if one is required for your machine’s internet connection.

Migrating a tyFlow PRO license

tyFlow PRO node-locked licenses can be moved from machine to machine an unlimited number of times, through a manual migration process. To migrate a license between machines, go to the “License” rollout of a tyFlow object and deactivate the license. Then, enter the license key in the manner described above on the machine you wish to migrate the license to.

Upgrading to a new version of tyFlow

If you upgrade to a new version of tyFlow, your node-locked license will be automatically upgraded as well, so long as the version of tyFlow you are upgrading to was released before, or during, your tyFlow PRO license maintenance period. As with normal activation, the upgrade process requires an internet connection.