tySwitcher Helper

The tySwitcher helper allows you to quickly iterate between different input objects in a flow. For example, sometimes you may have a complex flow setup that you want to transfer between different objects in a scene (with the only difference between setups being their input objects). In that situation you would normally just duplicate your tyFlow object and re-assign the alternative objects to the relevant operators in the duplicated flow, keeping all other aspects of the flow the same besides those differing inputs. The tySwitcher is an easy way to go about doing that much more efficiently.

By adding a list of input objects to a tySwitcher, you would simply choose the tySwitcher itself as the input object for the relevant operators in your flow, in any place where an input object is accepted (position icon, surface test, etc). Then, by modifying the switch index of the tySwitcher, you can choose which object in the list the tySwitcher will pass up to the flow. The flow operators will take the input object sent to it by its switchers, and simulate its particles using those objects.


  • Objects: the list of switcher objects.

  • Switch index: the index of the object in the object list that will be passed to any flow operators that the switcher has been added to.

  • Show icon: controls whether the tySwitcher icon is displayed in the viewport.

  • Icon size: controls the size of the tySwitcher icon.