tyUVWFreeze Modifier

The tyUVWFreeze modifier can be used to freeze existing UVW coordinates applied to an object at a particular time and map channel. It functions similar to how a default 3ds Max UVWUnwrap modifier will lock UVW coordinates in place, once applied, however the tyUVWFreeze modifier operates more efficiently, and frozen coordinate data is not lost if the underlying mesh topology changes.

UVW Freeze

  • Freeze UVWs: when this button is pressed, the UVW coordinates for a particular source channel will be frozen at the current frame.

  • Source channel: the source map channel to retrieve the UVW coordinates from, on the input mesh.

UVW Assign

  • Target channel: the target map channel where the frozen UVW coordinates will be assigned.


  • Auto freeze: when enabled, UVWs will be automatically re-frozen any time the input mesh in the modifier stack changes.

  • Freeze frame: the frame in time to automatically re-freeze the UVWs.