Property Test operator

The Property Test operator tests if particles satisfy property-based conditions.

Test Type

  • Property List: the list of testable particle properties.

  • Test TRUE if property is: various conditions that will be used in the test.

Test Value

  • Value: the test value.
Variation: the per-particle amount of variation to apply.

Custom Float

  • Channel: the channel to take the custom float particle data from.


  • Texmap: the texmap used for the texmap intensity test.


  • Search radius: the neighbor search radius.

  • Look ahead: the search will be conducted at a location this far along the particle’s velocity vector.

  • Sweep test: searches for neighbors along each particle’s entire trajectory, not just the particle’s starting position.

Simulation Groups

  • Simulation groups: controls which particle simulation groups will be considered for the test.

Broken Bindings

  • Test by ID: controls whether only bindings which have a matching ID will be tested.

  • ID: the ID to match.

  • TRUE if all broken: controls whether the test condition will be satisfied if all bindings are broken.


  • Seed: the seed value for all varied parameters.