Displace operator

The Displace operator allows you to displace particle mesh vertices using a texture map.

  • Texmap: the texture map used to displace particle mesh vertices.

  • Strength: the strength of the displacement, in local particle units.

  • Offset: the offset amount to apply to texmap values.

  • Displace open edges: controls whether vertices on open edges (edges that are not adjacent to two faces) will be displaced.

Displace Direction

  • Vertex/Face normals: controls which mesh elements the displacement normals will be derived from.

MatID filter

MatID filtering allows you to control which vertices in a shape mesh will be displaced.

  • Enable MatID Filter: controls whether material ID filtering will be enabled.

  • MatID: the material ID value that faces must have in order for their vertices to be displaced.

  • All adjacent faces must match: when enabled, every adjacent face to a vertex must have the matching material ID in order for the vertex to be displaced.

  • Some adjacent faces must match: when enabled, a vertex will be displaced if at least one of its adjacent faces has a matching material ID.

Border vertices
  • Displace parallel to unmatched faces: vertices on the border between a face with a matching material ID and a face without a matching material ID will be extruded in a direction parallel to the planar surface of the face without the matching ID.