tyMesher Object

The tyMesher object can be used to convert point clouds into surfaces. Point clouds can be derived from both particles and the vertices of regular geometry.

Parameters Rollout

Input Objects and Particles

  • Object list: the list of objects whose particles/vertices will be meshed.


  • Show icon: controls whether the tyMesher icon is displayed in the viewport.

  • Icon size: controls the size of the tyMesher icon.


  • Absolute: controls whether the radius of voxelized points will be absolute.

When “absolute” radius is disabled, voxelization radius will be derived from particle properties.

  • Multiplier: an overall multiplier applied to radii values.

  • Variation %: the per-particle percentage of variation to apply.


  • Voxel Size: the size of the mesher voxels. Smaller values increase the resulting mesh resolution.

  • Render Size: when enabled, overrides the size of the mesher voxels at rendertime.

Voxel Filtering

Applies filtering to voxels prior to meshing. Enabling a filter can help smooth out boundaries between voxel radii.

  • Filter type: the filtering kernel to apply to voxels.

  • Filter width: the width of the filtering kernel in voxel units.


  • Inherit material IDs: controls whether the faces of the resulting mesh inherit material ID properties from input points.

  • Inherit UVWs: controls whether the faces of the resulting mesh inherit UVW coordinates from the input points.


  • Seed: the seed value for all varied parameters.