tyProperties Modifier

The tyProperties modifier allows you to assign tyFlow-specific properties to an object, which will be assigned to the corresponding particles derived from that object in a tyFlow simulation. For example, if you add an object to a Birth Objects operator that has a tyProperties modifier applied, the assignments enabled in the tyProperties modifier will transfer over to the particles created by that Birth Objects operator.

Simulation Groups

  • Set: enables simulation group assignments.

  • Simulation groups: controls which particle simulation groups will be assigned.

Export Groups

  • Set: enables export group assignments.

  • Export groups: controls which particle export groups will be assigned.


  • Mass: controls whether a particle mass value will be assigned.

PhysX Binds

  • Bind setup ID: controls whether a PhysX bind setup ID will be assigned.

Custom Floats

  • Float list: the list of custom floats which will be assigned.

  • Channel: the channel name of a custom float to assign.

  • Value: the value of the custom float which will be assigned.