tyParticleSkin Modifier

The tyParticleSkin modifier can be used to deform a regular mesh with a tyFlow particle system.

Particle Skin

  • Node: the tyFlow object whose particles will be used to skin the mesh.

  • Mode: the mode used to search for nearest particles within the input flow.

Vertices: the mesh will search for nearest particles within the flow from the location of its vertices.

Faces: the mesh will search for nearest particles within the flow from the location of its face centers.

If particles have a shape mesh, the vertices of the shape mesh will be considered during the nearest particle search, for improved accuracy.

  • Ref frame: the reference frame to use as the initialization time for the skin.

  • Max distance: the maximum distance that a particle can be from a mesh vertex/face in order to influence it.

  • Max count: the maximum number of particles that can influence a mesh vertex.

  • Weight all vertices: if no particles are within the maximum distance to a mesh vertex/face, the nearest particle (regardless of distance) will be used. This ensures all vertices are weighted to at least one particle, assuming at least one particle exists.

During initialization, influencing particles will be weighted based on their relative and normalized distance to the target vertex. If a vertex is influenced by multiple particles, the weights for each particle will be determined by their distances to the vertex, with closer particles having a higher weight than further particles.

  • Re-initialize: re-initializes the skin.

Simulation Groups

  • Simulation groups: controls which particle simulation groups will be imported.

Export Groups

  • Export groups: controls which particle export groups will be imported.