tyWind Helper

The tyWind helper can be used as an alternative to 3ds Max’s Wind spacewarp, within a flow. It has extra axial falloff controls.


  • Strength: controls the overall strength of the wind force.

  • Decay: controls the distance decay of the wind force.

  • Planer/Spherical: controls the outward direction of the wind force. Planar wind forces point in the direction of the icon arrow. Spherical wind forces point in all directions out from the center of the wind icon.


  • Turbulence: the strength of the wind’s turbulence.

  • Frequency: the frequency of the wind’s turbulence.

  • Scale: the scale of the wind’s turbulence.

Axial Influence

  • Distance: particles within this distance to the z-axis of the wind will be fully affected by the wind.

  • Falloff: the effect on particles beyond the base distance to the z-axis, but within this falloff distance, will diminish according to the inverse-square law.


  • Range indicators: draws helpers shapes which represent the decay and axial falloff values in the viewport.

  • Icon size: controls the size of the tyWind icon.