Installing tyFlow

All of tyFlow is contained within a single .dlo plugin file for each version of 3ds Max. Simply place the appropriate tyFlow_2XXX.dlo file into your 3ds Max 2XXX plugins directory and installation is complete.

The default plugin directory for 3ds Max is located here:

C:\Program Files\Autodesk[3ds Max version]\plugins

However, if you have configured 3ds Max to load plugins from another directory, you can place the appropriate tyFlow plugin file there instead.

tyFlow is only compatible with 3ds Max 2016 and above. Make sure you’re using the .dlo file compatible with your version of 3ds Max, or else tyFlow will fail to load during startup.

System Requirements

tyFlow will run best on a machine with many available CPU cores, Nitrous display drivers, a high-performance graphics card with a large number of compute cores, OpenCL2.0 support, and as much RAM as possible. However, the only actual requirement for tyFlow is 3d Studio Max 2016 and above.